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Magic Organ Cat Scratcher

Magic Organ Cat Scratcher

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Magic Organ Cat Scratcher
Catcordion cat scratching toy Choose high-quality corrugated paper, honeycomb encrypted and thickened, cat scratching board with tight gaps, strong and durable, and will not hurt the claws

Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board Bone shape, can be used as a bed for sleeping, or can be scratched at will, so that cats fall in love with the claws

Magic organ cat scratching board comes with a toy bell ball can help to solve that your little cat destroys your furniture, punctures its own pads when sharpening nails, and is often boring when you're not home without enemies scratching.

Strong high-pressure bonding, not easy to deform, rest assured to grind the claw, cat coordain magic cat scratching board with built-in round bell ball in the middle of the scratcher with a pleasant jingle when rolling. Serves as both a scratching board and a lounge for your cats, providing a comfortable environment for cats' playing and lying.

1. Why A Cat Needs A Scratching Board: It's often boring when you're not at home without enemies to scratch, so it can ruin your furniture, puncture its own pads when sharpening nails, the Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board provides the ideal place to scratch and also promotes Healthy cat nail growth, muscle tone, and home-related stress relief by accessing your cat's natural urges - all without ruining your furniture!
2. UNIQUE DESIGN: Magic Organ Cat Scratcher Toy has a fun shape that's great for stretching & playing on and is something they'll love to get their claws into suitable for cats of all ages! No cat can resist it, Two in one for claw grinding and playing. It can be folded into a bone shape, folded into a crib to sleep in, or scratched at will to make cats love claws.
3. Eco-Friendly and Recyclable: The Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board is made of high-quality eco-friendly corrugated paper and non-toxic cornstarch glue. Neutral designs are closer to mimicking tree bark. It adopts the design of thickened mesh honeycomb density, with tight gaps, is strong and durable, and does not hurt the claws. Different touch experiences make cats more irresistible. What's more, with this design, the scratcher is 50% more durable than regular ones.

This springy corrugated scratcher can be stretched and twisted to kitty's content as she searches for the elusive ball! 

Strong and durable, made from a honeycomb style web of corrugated cardboard which allows the Magic Organ Cat Toy to be climbed on, sat on, and manipulated without losing its shape. 


Simply connect the two magnetic ends into a loop and turn the Stretchy Organ-Nest Scratcher Toy inside out to create the game.


Size: 24 x 24 x 10 cm

Material: honeycomb weave corrugated cardboard

Age: cats of all ages

Includes plastic ball with bell

Eco-friendly and recyclable


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Julius Thiel

The elastic band is included to give shape. Customer Satisfied

Geovany Hayes

Excellent Toy, forgot that on the magnet and let me tear off the paper, thank God my husband stopped)). The toy is excellent, quality! At first glance, it is small, but at the turn it is! The cat immediately realized), what should I do) It looked very funny. Comes just in package and factory box. An elastic band is better to wear, because Our cat began to cling it with its hooks ") and throw it.)). Very satisfied with everything)). Very useful and sweaty))

Braden Hane

not a big one. But interesting you. I hope that my cat will use it

Zachery Ankunding

Delivery fast in delivery, convenient. I thought it would be more, small, expensive. Cats played a little and left). I wonder who invented this!

Haven Stiedemann

Arrived super well packaged and cool… but my cat has not yet ball