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Interactive Motion Activated UFO Cat Toy with Peekaboo Feather

Interactive Motion Activated UFO Cat Toy with Peekaboo Feather

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The toy was developed with the support of professionals in the Pet area, with specific studies in the veterinary area, behavioral contact with numerous tests, proving its effectiveness to avoid stress, unusual behavior, keeping it always active and healthy, making it more friendly with others cats, with their tutors, contributing to a possible longevity in their lives.
1. Vibration activation: in the intelligent mode, the cat's paw vibrates to trigger the operation, so as to amuse the boring time and release the vitality of meow.
2. Smart color reminder
Orange -Normal mode, Blue- Intelligent mode, Purple -Replace feathers.
3. Feather play with the cat: feather movement appears randomly to satisfy cat's hunting nature, which is funny.
4. Move randomly: when encountering an obstacle, teaser will turn automatically, and there is no need to worry about it being stuck in the corner.
5. Replaceable feather: the feather is made of macaron natural turkey feather, which is soft and safe, and is replaceable.
6. Automatic: felt with the use of cleaning circle, it can tease the cat and automatically take away the hair on the ground.
7.How long can I play on a single charge?
(1) In smart mode, you can play intermittently for about one day
(2) Non-stop play (only feathers stick out), it can play for about 4 hours
(3) Non-stop play (feathers stick out and running it can play for about 2 hours
Size: 156*156*92mm
Charging voltage: 5V
Battery: polymer lithium battery
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Storage mode: USB charging
Signal light: red - to be charged; blue - charging; green - fully charged.
Continuous mode, Suitable for continued use
The light bright blue, the toy will run for 5 minutes every 4 hour.
Furthermore, the toy will be activated by shaking and cat scratch.
Attention! When the interior light or indoor light become dark, the toy might stop working owing to the build-in radial sensor, which will sense the strength of the radial.
Avoid Cat dander trapping the wheel
Please install the Circle on the toy to avoid the hair trapped the wheel.
Pls clean the circle and wheel regularly.
Providing the wheel is trapped by foreign matter, use the tweezer(The toy turn round, there shall be something blocking the wheel).
Replaceable feather accessory
Long Press “Power” button to shift the maintenance mode when the light color bright purple.
Spin off anti-clockwise the feather accessory. Spin on clockwise the new feather part.
Providing the feather doesn`t stretch out, tap “Power” button until the feather poke and stay out.

Thank you for purchasing of this pet toy !

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Vincenzo Hansen

Did not put spare brushes, although it is indicated in the package that they should be. The toy only works 5 minutes, then automatically turns off. My cat of this time is not enough to get brave and start playing. So she only sits and looks

Milo Hudson

The product will also glow, very interesting product, it will automatically walk, cats love it

Pink Goyette

The kitten likes this toy very much, it is worth recommending

Irving Robel

Recommended seller, product is great, cats are having fun

Joshua Kreiger

The toy is good, I liked it, but my cat did not go. Delivery was very fast.